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02 Feb '16

Skin Care Routine

Posted by Linda Elle

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Skin Care Routine ~ Basic Care of the Facial Skin ~ Linda - Elle Recommendations

With these few basic steps you can achieve great skin - but remember you have to be consistent and dedicated for results.   Do not Rub your skin instead pat ingredients into the skin or massage lightly and gently. There is so much that can be done with high quality skin care products - You don't have to be aggressive with your skin to get it to look good !  I truly beleive that you can heal and repair your skin by following a good skin care routine and using great products.  The advancement over the past 10 years in topical treatment creams for anti-aging have come such a long way with research and amazing results to back it up that for the first time in the beauty industry can we offer as professional with confidence serums/creams that will give tremendous results to treat damaged skin due to free radicals that one does not need to use botox or other invasive treatments to acheive beautiful skin but only with patience/effort, skin care routine/plan and good products!

" I am a strong believer in topical treatments with long term results not now results and worry later about the possible many side effects with more aggressive treatments such as injections and aggressive machine - aggressive/strong peels oriented exfoliations -- side effects may include transparent/sensitive skin, more wrinkles, discolorations and  so on ! (This is my opinion, Linda Elle, Esthetician-Skin Care Specialist)

Tip:   Warm up the cream on your fingertips before applying your cream - rub cream into fingertips of both hands together and gently massage into skin or pat whichever you prefer.  Or you may use the palm methode ~ apply recommended/needed amount of cream (2-3 pumps) in palm of hand and then using finger tips to dab into cream and massage into face and neck area including the decolette.  Serums apply a small amount 2-3 pumps in the palm of your hands and dip fingertips and gently massage into skin or pat whichever you prefer.  For creams use a pea size to a dime size, remember use the amount of cream or serum that you feel is best for you or that your skin needs, I dont beleive there is a one size fits all.   When you are finished applying your serums/creams at night your skin should feel dewy.

Daily: (apply to face and neck)

Always apply your products with a light gentle touch 
(1) Tonique/Toner, Rose Water or Eau/Water Micellaire in the morning to lightly cleanse-will refresh, promote healthy skin surface, deep cleans pores, helps balance, tighten pores, calm, cool, clean/remove impurities/gently exfoliate dead cells and give you that healthy fresh glow to start the day - Apply liberally toner to cotton eye makeup pad remover and lightly glide across the skin, do not rub - repeat twice if you wish.  If you do not wish to use a toner in the morning (though I highly recommend) then wipe down face with a wet warm washcloth, You can mist a toner or water or micellaire water as needed to hydrate and revive skin during the day  (2) Eye Gel/Cream (3) Antioxidant Serum (4) Protective Cream with or without Sun protection depending on skin needs (Protects against harsh inside and outside elements and hydrates/moisturises the skin tissues)  


(1) Cleansing Milk or Cleansing Mousse/Foam Wash not Gel* (Cleans the pores thoroughly and maintains the balance of the skin).  Use a large amount (3-4 pumps - quarter size) of Cleanser and massage into skin well (30 seconds to 1 minute) then remove with warm soft washcloth. You may repeat wiping face with warm washcloth or a second cleansing if you prefer.  You want a well cleaned skin at night  (2) Eye Gel/Cream (3) Retinol or Treatment Serum (4) Treatment Cream (Hydrates/Moisturises, Balance, Purify, Soothe/Calm and Nourishes - Use about a pea to a dime size of your night cream)

Facial Masque ~ Weekly ~ So beneficial for your skin ~ see blog article here

Please note:  Clients who have not followed a skin care regimen and are just starting out at first you may use a mask 2 times a week for a few weeks, till skin looks really good, then cut back to once weekly. Remember at first skin may break out more then usual or not look so great as you are bringing to surface impurities that have been clogged underneath the skin for some time, but please continue with your routine and this will stop when skin is no longer congested and you keep up/maintain with your routine.  More info on facial masque visit my blog posts on masks. 

Tip:  In Summer you may wish to exchange your face products to lighter versions of the ones you are using for Winter months :)

Beyond Basic Skincare - Add ons to your Basic Routine

Repair/Treatment as needed Repair/Treat Skin with serums, concentrates, boosters or/and other products that repair the skin - It is suggested that everyone over 25 yrs should use this kind of product 3 times a week, 30+ yrs once daily, 50+ yrs use once or twice daily, 60+ yrs twice daily - some 40+ skins may need to use twice daily also due to premature ageing/menopause/stress/illness or much skin damage from the sun and then when skin looks better/healed you can cut back to once daily. Many clients like to use two different types of serums when using twice daily. During a cure treatment twice daily, is recommended for everyone. The only time you may need to use a serum/concentrate under the age of 25 is if you are treating problemed skin. I recommend using serums at night if using once daily only and prefer my clients use Vitamin A-Retinoids products at night. I also have clients who use serums when needed, when they feel their skins needs a boost, or as an intense treatment, use serum 2x daily till bottle empty, like 2-4 times a year. Under 30 years old serums I recommend are AHA and Vitamin C also I would recommend Dr Renaud Natigene Collagen Gel and Celeste Serum at night as your moisturiser and serum as a stand alone product.   Dont forget about ampoules, cerasomes capsules and oils, they are wonderful products.

Exfoliate face as needed

Exfoliate face as needed depending on skin type/needs, type and level of sensitivity, or your esthetician's recommendation. This can be from once a week, to twice a month to once a month, occasionaly or not at all. I recommend that at 60yrs plus you should exfoliate just occasionally or not at all and use weekly masks. Overexfoliation will dry up the skin and cause irritation, inflammation, more wrinkles and breakouts .... listen to your skin.  A good consistent skincare regimen/routine will lessen the need to exfoliate.  I am not a supporter of over/agressive exfoliation.  Remember you can use clay mask or enzyme mask/peeling - as they gently exfoliate - All masks exfoliate to some degree depending on type of mask, as some exfoliate more then others such as clay and enzymes mask. Or even incorporating the use of AHA creams or AHA serum 2-3 times a week into your routine is a great way to gently exfoliate.

For sensitive skin, avoid exfoliants with micro-particles. Instead, choose an exfoliant that contains enzymes for a gentle yet effective treatment or incorporate your bead/particle exfoliant into your milk cleanser to make it more gentle and then you get to cleanse and exfoliate at the same time.

As we age, our pores get bigger. Alpha hydroxy acids help reduce the signs of those enlarged pores as mentionned above you can incorporate a few nights a week aha serums or creams. Instead of squeezing your blackheads I recommend to use a aha, (Vitamin A) retinols, toners and so on products to keep pores clean or doing a consistent skin care routine as mentionned at top of page or doing a gentle peel when needed is enough to unclog pores. I do not recommend squeezing the skin at all (extractions), especially after the age of 50.  It is my opinion that it does more harm then good.  Body exfoliation can be done once weekly or as needed.  Skin is different on the body. 

Before concluding that a treatment/product does not work, give it 90 days of continuous, consistent use! do not switch back and forth to different products! Also you many need to at the beginning to use some products every 2-3 days instead of daily until your skin adapts to the change...... and then resume to daily use once your skin adapts to your new regimen or cream...... sometimes when you use too new many products all at once your skin as a difficult time to all the change all at once and not like it and may react..... if this happens try to introduce slowly one product at a time....... like use one cream for one week then the next week, add a second product, third week add another and so on.... go at your own skin paste/reaction.

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