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15 Jan '15

French Look

Posted by Linda Elle

Image Credit © Ekaterina Pokrovsky | Dreamstime.com


Frenchwomen regard the pampering of the skin and body as an enjoyable ritual not as another thing they have to do........ taking care of their skin takes top priority, they follow rigorous skincare regimes, THEY love and use toners daily and the regular use of masks and oils is very important to their routine. Phyts and Laboratoire Dr Renaud products are very popular in France.   They do love face and body care, they love beautiful scents for the body and enjoy finding their own unique body fragrance scent.  They do embrace their femininity.

Frenchwomen prefer gentle/basic/natural/holistic skin care and facials and practice prevention measures from the time they are very young so not to have to repair damage later in life.  They use good quality products (yes quality does make a difference, through my professional knowledge and on hands experience with this daily in the salon, I do beleive to its truthness), Frenchwomen have and use many different products for skincare and bodycare and have or give themselves regular facials throughout their lives starting around age 16-18 .......  Girls start moisturising there skin as early as age 12!!!  This includes face and body!  

Makeup is minimal - they wear little to no foundation, little to no blush, they like black mascara, eye liner (they like dark brown including maghogany, light to dark grey liners- ex: light gray, slate grey (medium), charcoal (dark grey), little eyeshadow (they like light brown eyeshadow), lipgloss and/or neutral colored lipsticks - they like nude lipsticks without lip liner applied lightly with a lip brush OR YOUR ring finger for a more light natural looking color but they do love the red lipsticks (light to bright reds including pinkish reds, brown reds, dusky/dusty rose, pinkish brownish reds) with a nude face for a sophosticated glamorous look.  They keep everything looking natural...... never overdone.  They wear their nails in a squarish shape, French women very often just leave their nails natural and do not grow them long or when using color just a very pale, sheer, natural NEUTRAL palette for hands and feet, keep everything natural looking - no fake nails  .....  Hairstyle is minimal, simple and chic.  No hairspray, styling gels and so on .....

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