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01 Feb '16

Facial Masks

Posted by Linda Elle

Image Credit © Natali Products Inc

Masks are so beneficial for your skin.  They contain greater concentrations of active ingredients and moisturisers than serums or creams.  They complement the products you use daily, help the products you use penetrate better, bring back quickly skin into balance, they are healing and antiaging, they reduce redness, wrinkles, dryness, dullness and breakouts.  

Masks clean deeply, purify, nourish, tonify the facial contours, refresh, gently exfoliate the skin, fortify the skin tissues, relax facial expressions, soften the accumulated layers of dead cells on skin which will be exfoliated once you remove mask giving you smooth skin and nearly invisible pores.  Masks are a must to your skin routine. 

I also recommend for women 60 years and up to use masks 2-3 times weekly and do less or more gentle exfoliation.   

Leave on for 15 - 20 minutes, use about a quarter size of the mask and apply evenly to face and neck.  Use weekly for best results.  In the winter you may increase their use to 2 times weekly.  

  • Tip:  It is best to do your mask later in the day so that you can leave the mask to do its magic over night.  Mask continue working after there removal for a while.  So do not wash your face again that day or apply makeup best to leave it working till next morning :)   

You may also do a layering of masks for an intensive at home Spa Treatment.  This involves using 2 or 3 different types of masks in succession.  You would start the process with an exfoliating/purifying mask, followed by an hydrating mask then by a rejuvenating/nourishing mask depending on your skin needs.   Always start with cleansing and toning followed by a serum if you wish after removal finish with toning if applicable and moisturiser if applicable depending on the mask you are using.  

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