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15 Aug '14

Milia, Blackheads and Enlarge Pores

Posted by Linda Elle

Image Credit © | Dreamstime.com

Milia (whiteheads)  are white bumps that form when skin cells and sebaceous matter become trapped rather than exfoliate naturally. Milia can occur anywhere on the skin and are prone around eye area and cheeks.  Exfoliation can go a long way in helping deal with milia prone skin. By keeping the epidermis  thin and smooth, you can cut down on their formation. By mentioning exfoliation, I'm not talking about scrubbing off the top layer of your skin! One way is to use a gentle exfoliating scrub 1-2 times a week another is to undergo a periodic series of gentle peels home or dr's and/or using aha (alpha hydroxy acid) or beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) products - aha cream, retinols, vitamin c, peels at home and regular use of clay masks can help remove unwanted surface debris and cleanse the pores. Having a regular skincare regimen will keep your pores clean.....

Milia can be caused by:
- Heavy Skin Care Products: The most common reason for milia is from smothering your skin with heavy skin care products NOT for your skin type or poor quality product or even hair care items. They may prevent the sloughing of dead epidermal skin cells. I find that many moisturisers with sunscreens or heavy sunscreens are culprits to this problem. The eyelids are very thin and more likely to experience problems with milia due to cosmetics.   Re-evaluate your eye cream, make-up and eyelid make-up remover if you are finding this to be a concern.
- Sun Exposure: Due to cumulative sun exposure skin forms a thicker epidermis that may make it far more difficult for skin cells to find their way out of the glands. And thicker skin also makes for more road blocks in the pathway to exfoliation. This is where peels (glycolic,pumpkin, bha or other) really make a difference! This is another reason why I do recommend to use aha creams after the summer months!
- Or maybe you just have the type of skin which has the inability to exfoliate itself properly!

Products that  help with Milia are:   salicylic acid, aha fruit acids, spot acne treatments and so on .... 


Is a plug of keratin and sebum within the follicle, frequently containing bacteria. The dark appearance is due to the reaction of the oil to the air, and specks of melanin.   When the hair follicle is filled with an excess of oil from the sebaceous glands and an accumulation of dead cells occurs, a blackhead forms and creates a blockage at the mouth of the follicle. Treatment for blackhead and milia are pretty much the same!

Enlarged Pores
It is usually determined and influenced to a degree by skin conditions. Enlarged pores can be made to appear smaller, but it is im
possible to shrink follicles to the degree that they are almost invisible. Blackheads are filled with grease deposits, dead cells, makeup and other debris which fill and stretch the pores. Once this material is removed by deep cleansing, and the pores are kept cleaned out, they will tighten and be less visible. Although the skin will still have enlarged pores, they will not seem as large. Pores may be more visible simply due to lack of good skin regimen and poor exfoliation.You need to get on a consistent skincare regimen and routine such as daily cleansing and toning are a must. A clay mask and exfoliant weekly will also help to deeply cleanse and tighten the skin, getting facials regularaly, peelings all help tighten up the pores making them less visible also the use of aha or bha products, vitamin c and a serums are very helpful as using the right products for your skin.

Mature skin and Large Pores
This is due to the loss of skin elasticity and ageing. As skin is drawn down by gravity, pores become more obvious not necessarily larger...Keeping pores clean is the first thing you need to do if you want to make them less noticeable and prevent them from increasing in size is by thorough cleansing with a quality cleanser and gentle exfoliating followed by a face-lift/toning/firming mask done weekly....... At the beginning you may wish to do an intense treatment of 2-3 times a week for a couple of weeks of exfoliation and masking and then cut back to once a week to upkeep.... Also the use of toners which temporarily tighten pores. and the use of firming/tightening products help to tighten skin thus making pores less noticeable .... Also if you wish you can put a purifying mask on the large pore areas only and use another moisturising/firming mask over the drier/normal areas.....  If the case is very extreme, there is the option of laser resurfacing. Either your dermatologist or a plastic surgeon should do this. There is down time for healing, moderate sensitivity and photosensitivity attached to this procedure, however, it does really improve the quality, tone, texture and appearance of the skin.

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