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22 Aug '14


Posted by Linda Elle

Image Credit © | Dreamstime.com

First and foremost I want to emphasize that FOR SOME it is a long process to see result - for others they can acheive results with using a good serum for 3 months or so - so do not get discouraged!!! It can take from 3-6 months to see improvement and may take up to a year for a cure treatment! You will have to be patient and consistent and use a good skin care line! If you are doing a lightening treatment for pigmentation I suggest after 3 months of continuous use to take a break of 1 month in between treatments if doing a second treatment.  Make sure during these 3-6 months that continuous use of your serum OR any other lightening products twice daily is very imiportant.... 

Hyperpigmentation results when the melanocytes produce too much melanin, usually from too much sun exposure, although pregnancy, hormones, birth control pills, trauma to the skin by overusing certain products or getting agressive peels, from acne, picking your face, Sress, Medications, Sickness  and so on....  Hydroquinone and other lightening products work by breaking up the melanin, until it is too small to be seen with the naked eye.  It is then brought to the surface of the skin and sloughed off.

Discoloration can also be produced as a way of the skin protecting itself! I beleive if you heal the skin with good skincare-natural products then wonderful things will happen to your skin.....

Ingredients that are helpful with pigmentation:  Soy, Vitamin C, Fruit Acids AHA, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E,  Mulberry, Retinol Vitamin A, Licorice Extract, B3, Saxifraga, Kojic Acid, Rose Water and so on  

During pregnancy many changes may occur to our skins - some may develop acneic skin - some discolorations called pregnancy mask... these changes are natural due to the hormonal changes occuring in the body.... I suggest that you take care of your skin by doing your regular skincare regimen, use good products and visit your esthetician if this is possible for you and keep your skin healthy which will then minimize these conditions.... due to constant hormone fluctuations postponing more agressive or long term treatment for your discoloration or acne till the baby is born i an excellent idea ..... During pregnancy is an important time for pampering and taking care of oneself!!!!

Please note if your pigmentation is due to hormonal changes it can be a bigger challenge to treat or keep pigmentation from reoccuring...... like acne skin you may see outbreaks from time to time even after you have had success in treating them..... meaning they may come and go...... but keep on treating and use products to prevent, like serums and so on...... don't give up....... like acne it then becomes more of keeping condition under control and not cure......

Sun/Age spots may be common, but they can be diminished and some even prevented, by taking a bit of time to take care of your skin DAILY. the reason I suggest to my clients the best defense against all ageing problems is to adapt a skin care routine and keep up with it........ don't go back and forth, do it all the time... like brushing your teeth it is important to do it daily and perform special treatments as for the dentist cleaning your teeth regularly to keep them there whitest and prevent cavities as goes the same for exfoliating and using mask, facials....It is amazing the transformation/healing that the skin can acheive if it is really cared for.....

As summer tans fade, we may see remnants on our skin of those happy hours spent in the sun. That is because the cells (melanocytes) that produce skin tone or pigment (melanin) are stimulated by sun exposure to produce more melanin. Excess melanin can cause visibly uneven areas of darker skin, a condition called hyperpigmentation. Conversely, other areas may lose melanin, resulting in pale or white spots, a condition called hypopigmentation.

COLOR PEACH WILL HELP TO NEUTRALIZE DARK PIGMENT DISCOLORATION use a peach concealer or blush to minimize dark pigment.   

We have received feedback from customers that Celeste Serum along with Global Defense and Prevention Collagen has worked well for them also with menoactive cream for there pigmentation ~ C Serum, AHA Serum and Natigene Gel are also great products for this.  Visit our pigmentation page for Dr Renaud products.  But please remember there are also other products such as phyts bio active white line that are exactly for this purpose.  

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