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14 Sep '14

Winter Skin Care

Posted by Linda Elle

Image Credit © | Dreamstime.com

In the wintertime, skin needs to be protected from the cold, the wind, dry air from heating, but also from sudden changes of temperature.  You need products that are hydrating and anti-dehydrating.  These creams will create a protective layer on the skin.  Or you may just choose to add a serum to your daily skin care, they provide an extra layer of moisture.  Serum AND/OR adding Oils are a great addition to a winter skin care regimen.

Winter is also the best time to enjoy the benefits of masks.   Regenerating, hydrating, nourishing, they revitalize and soothe the skin. You may want to increase their usage to 2-3  times a week when necessary.  But try to avoid clay or masks that become hard as they tend to draw out moisture.  You may also switch your cleanser to a milk if you are using a gel or mousse, these will remove makeup and debris without depleting skin's precious moisture, also you may change to a cleanser for sensitive skins or an oil cleanser if your skin becomes dry and irritated during the winter months.  

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