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02 Jan '14

Body Exfoliation ~ Loofah

Posted by Linda Elle

Image Credit © Pimmimemom | Dreamstime.com

A Loofah is convenient to use for body exfoliation - it helps with cellulite, helps improve circulation, helps rid the body of toxins, (stimulates the body to naturally detox) helps boost immune system by stimulating lymphatic system, remove dead cells and surface impurities, unclog pores and polish the skin, leaving skin feeling refreshed, smooth and healthy.

In European Countries loofahs are considered a key to better health.  Great alternative to body scrubs!  Loofah is a natural product so slight imperfections may be present.

To use, wet loofah with warm water to soften, apply your favorite soap and gently massage the skin. Remember to always massage toward the heart meaning massaging upwards - like massaging up your arm not down your arm, up your leg and so on......

It is recommended to Use loofah on body 1- 2 times weekly. ONCE A WEEK IS A GOOD REGIMEN. Make sure you moisturize after exfoliating.

Rinse your loofah with warm, clean water, making sure all the soap is gone AFTER each use, squeeze out excess water. It will discourage/prevent the growth of bacteria.  Please note that Loofahs soften with each use.  Please discard your loofah after 2 - 3 months (most people discard after 3 months) of use to keep it sanitary and in good condition as the fibres do break down over time.

Did you know that your LOOFAH IS MADE OUT OF PLANT MATERIAL (Vines), so indeed a natural product.  You may also occasionally use a small amount of anti-bacterial soap to clean the loofah.

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