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02 Feb '15

Eye Care

Posted by Linda Elle

Image Credit © Ia64 | Dreamstime.com

Eye creams are so beneficial to your skin care routine.  I beleive it is never too young to start applying eye products.  I would recommend anyone 20 and up can start but use a lightweight product .....

Eye masks are also beneficial to use as an intense treatment or a quick pick me up.  As an intensive treatment you would apply the mask for 4-6 consecutive days. Continue use depending on your needs, FOR instance you can use once a week for maintenance after initial treatment.  Eye masks can be patches or a cream product.  Whichever you pefer using. 

The best way to put on an eye cream is to tap or using light gliding massage movement with your ring finger.  Start at the outer eye area and go around the entire eye area including brow bone.  I always recommend to clients to include the brow bone because this area also gets crepey and wrinkled this will delay or prevent droop as you age.   During day apply starting at outer eye and underneath eye at night do as stated above all around the entire eye area including brow bone.  

Dark Circles and Puffiness causes:

Medication - Low Iron - Lack of Sleep - Aging - Lack of Skin Care - Disease  - Allergies - Nutrition - Dehydration - Too much sun can aggravate sagging and wrinkles - Lifestyle and so on ...... 

Tip:  If you find one product is not enough to deal with the issue use two.  For example apply a cooling gel/lotion product or tensor and apply a hydrating or moisturising-antiaging cream ......  

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