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29 Aug '15

Hyaluronic Acid

Posted by Linda Elle

Image Credit: © Syda Productions | Dreamstime.com

Hyaluronic Acid:   Is naturally present in the human body in the connective tissues - it is composed partly of sugars that acts as a cushion/lubricant.

What does it do for the skin:  Packed with many benefits it helps to Diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles - Repair, Strengthen and Heal - Its act like a sponge it will Retain and Hold Moisture thus giving a plumping/lifting effect - Help with skin Discoloration/Pigmentation, Adds Radiance and Luminosity - Supports the maintenance of Collagen - Fights against Inflammation.

All skins can benefit from hyaluronic acid sugars without exception but especially ageing skins.  Hyaluronic acid should not replace your vitamin A, vitamin C, AHA and Peptides product treatments they should be adjacent to your skin care regimen.

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