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03 Oct '15

BB & CC Creams

Posted by Linda Elle

Image Credit © Igor Mojzes | Dreamstime.com 

BB = Beauty Balm  

CC = Color Correcting

There is little difference between the two, its more about preference, trial and error, usually cc creams will feel lighter in texture and finish. 

These products are not to be used by themselves, always over your favorite product either serums or day creams.  They are basically tinted moisturisers meant to give a light coverage to replace your foundation not your day care product, in my opinion these are not must have products, they dont really give you the exact results that you want, very little benefit as a moisturiser and mediocre as a coverage product and dont have many shades.  If you already have a favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer you love I would continue using them. 

If you follow a good skin care regimen you will acheive the results that you want with very little need for extra coverage and a foundation applied lightly would work and is still my product of choice, a foundation with blur/illuminating/light filtering technology would work very well to give you a natural look.   

You dont need to apply foundation all over your face you can apply it very lightly to areas that need attention or you can apply all over but very lightly glide a few fingers across your skin using a pea/peanut size to cover your entire face, apply the pea/peanut size amount in your palm and dab fingers/brush/sponge in product then glide across the areas of skin treating and redabbing and applying to a different area every time you dab.  

Many makeup artist use these bb and cc products as primers and use foundation over them to get to results they want to acheive for a special event, night out, wedding and so on........

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