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Acne - Impure - Oily - Mixed

Acne erupts after oil secreted from the sebaceous glands mixes with dead skin cells and debris, forming a pore-clogging plug. This plug, or comedo, traps oil and bacteria inside the follicle.  A blemish has been forming under the skin for about 2-3 weeks before it appears to the surface.  Some Reasons for Acne Flare ups:  ~Puberty because of physiological changes, hormone levels are fluctuating  ~Hormones during mensturation or menopause - low estrogen levels  ~Diet - Lack of a healthy diet may contribute to the level of the outbreak!  Reaction to Bromine usually found in chocolate and dark colored soft drinks.  This does not affect everyone because not every body reacts to bromine. Some people will get a breakout after eating an excessive amount of chocolate!  ~Improper Cleansing, using the wrong products or lack of and inappropriate cosmetic use!  ~Stress, Nerves and Fatigue because it cause an increase in androgens (male hormone). It is not unusual to see students with breakouts during exams ~Extra Sebum.  Visit our blog for more info.