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Phyto Sintesi Viper Line

Resulting from the most innovative studies, Phyto Sintesi laboratories have formulated the new Vitapelle skin care launch with powerful snake serum. The active principle ingredient SYN®AKE is a synthetic tri-peptide used due to its utmost efficacy. Quite a small peptide, SYN®AKE mimics the activity of a polypeptide traditionally found in the venom of the Temple Viper. With its ability to visibly relax facial muscles, SYN®AKE was chosen for this new anti-aging line as a result of its proven efficacy for smoothing expression lines and wrinkles.  Suitable for all skin types, continued use of the Viper Serum Line will result in an instant as well as long-term visible anti-aging effect. After one month, the skin reveals a visible reduction of wrinkles and a lifting effect without changing the natural expressiveness of the face.