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Rosagraf Products



History of Rosa Graf Brand - Products of Germany - 80 years - For Sale in Canada Only - Please do not order if you live outside Canada

Rosa Graf skincare is known by estheticians and their clients as being effective and reliable.  For over 80 years, Rosa Graf has produced professional skincare products based on natural sources.  With solid innovative technology behind Rosa Graf skincare products, estheticians can feel confident using them to address the specific concerns of different skin types.  October 1st, 1926 was the birth of the cosmetics line of "ROSA GRAF". That day Paul Graf husband of Mrs. Rosa Graf founded a cosmetics laboratory so that he could produce skincare for his wife's care salon to the beauty-conscious ladies of Leipzig.  Initially only a few products were produced in the laboratory. Later on, this developed into a complete line of skincare and some make-up. In 1928, the laboratory started to supply other beauticians, first of all in the immediate area but later, up until the outbreak of the Second World War, the products were marketed throughout Germany under the trade names Bergilot, Elramo, Tonikumyn and, of course, Rosa Graf.