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Brands Company Profiles


PHYT’S Brand - France - 40 years - Natural - Organic  

Cosmetics that are guaranteed to contain no preservatives or synthetic colouring, paraben-free, PEG-free, GM-free, phenoxyethanol-free.  Health and Beauty Naturally.
Was created in 1972 by its founder, Jean-Paul Llopart, a French Naturopath and Biologist. He developed a unique and original concept in perfect harmony with his ecological and ethical philosophy dedicated to beauty.  Organic cosmetics based on ingredients of natural origin.  Years of research and practice have seen the birth of a complete range of products for the face, body & hair. PHYT’S products are developed by highly skilled scientists; they are built on the therapeutic properties of essential oils, vegetable oils, plant extracts & minerals.  In 2003, PHYT’S products were certified organic with the COSMEBIO Label regulated by ECOCERT and now more Recently by QUALITE FRANCE.  To be certified with this emblem, a manufacturer must adhere to the highest standards in the ingredients used and also in environmental manufacturing, production and storage processes.  Since its beginning, Phyt’s Laboratoires has built a sincere and ethical philosophy based on unconventional ideas: Beauty and Health are linked and nature alone can create efficient and effective cosmetics that are in harmony with the body while simultaneously respecting mankind and the environment.  PHYT’S does not do superficial beauty. Behind the PHYT’S brand lies the concept of Naturo-Beautician, which is based on body rebalancing.  The Laboratoire PHYT’S offers unique know-how based on an ethic which combines ecology and naturality in order to guarantee you healthy and tailor-made cosmetics. Their revolutionary approach in which beauty is inseparable from overall health, linking ecology and a natural philosophy and thus becoming pioneers in the cosmetic industry.



Laboratoire Dr Renaud Skin Care Brand - 60 years

In 1947  Dr Louis Raymond Renaud, a renowned dermatologist and founder of aesthetics in France and Europe, creates Laboratoire Dr Renaud.  In the early 60’s, Laboratoire Dr Renaud becomes a privately owned company in Canada.  At the end of the 70’s, its market is extended throughout the United States and gains international fame a few years later.   Manufacturing all its products in Canada for more than 50 years, Laboratoire Dr Renaud relies on Research and Innovation to remain in the forefront of the industry with the highest performing products. Also, their production unit is certified as a pharmaceutical environment by Health Canada. Each batch is manufactured according to rigorous standards to guarantee absolute quality.  All products developed in recent years are free of parabens, synthetic perfumes, clorants, alcohol, mineral oil and formaldehyde.  Thanks to its scientific approach, the brand is a leader in the world of beauty. Driven by its passion and constant quest for innovation, its Research & Development team is totally dedicated to the advance study of the skin. The success of the company lies on years of research and close collaboration with University Scientists and Experts in dermopharmacology.  To this day, Dr Renaud’s spirit of innovation and the respect his name evokes continue to inspire us and set us apart from the competition. The Laboratoire Dr Renaud brand stands out even more now that consumers are seeking products with a seal of medical credibility.  From the beginning, the Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s mission has been to create the best skin care ever for your skin. Our commitment beyond this mission is to place the best of science and nature at the service of your beauty.  Always on the lookout for the latest and the best of science and nature, we strive to provide you with the greatest skin care products ever.  THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.  They are hypoallergenic, while using some of the finest natural plant and marine extracts. Laboratoire Dr. Renaud Professional Products offer you: The highest quality! Backed-up research - Reduced concentrations of preservatives - Ingredients at their optimum levels and concentration - High quality manufacturing methods with low count preservatives when needed, just enough to keep the product safe during use - Strict quality control in a laboratory that meets high quality standard -A constant scientific approach. They are scientifically proven to work - Formulated with avant-garde and high performing active ingredients!


History of Rosa Graf Brand - Germany - 80 years

October 1st, 1926 was the birth of the cosmetics line of "ROSA GRAF". That day Paul Graf husband of Mrs. Rosa Graf founded a cosmetics laboratory so that he could produce skincare for his wife's care salon to the beauty-conscious ladies of Leipzig.  Initially only a few products were produced in the laboratory. Later on, this developed into a complete line of skincare and some make-up. In 1928, the laboratory started to supply other beauticians, first of all in the immediate area but later, up until the outbreak of the Second World War, the products were marketed throughout Germany under the trade names Bergilot, Elramo, Tonikumyn and, of course, Rosa Graf. During war production was drastically restricted because producing cosmetics was not considered as being particularly important. Mrs. Graf told me that it was incredibly difficult to purchase raw materials but production never came to a complete standstill. In 1943 the house in which the beauty salon and the cosmetics laboratory were located was completely destroyed and the business was closed.  After the end of the Second World War the couple moved to Brunswick and later to Hannover, Germany. They founded a beauty institute, a skincare school and a cosmetics laboratory. Mr. Graf died and Mrs. Rosa Graf continued to run the business on her own. In 1971 she sold the cosmetics laboratory to Laszlo Petre and Volker Heitland and, a short time later, she also handed over the institute and the school to us so that she could go into retirement.  As she told Laszlo Petre and myself, she was extremely proud that we made her name famous in the beauty industry throughout the world. Since 1971 Heitland & Petre International GmbH, together with our staff and our partners abroad, have supplied beauty institutes all over the world with ROSA GRAF products. During these years we have laid down milestones in the development of specialities and advanced skincare products. We influenced the action of moisturising creams, we were first in the world who reported on soluble collagen in skincare and developed Collastin®, we were the second in the world in the development of Repair Complex.  Not tested on Animals.


Bio Kur Dr Hofmann ~ Germany

All Bio Kur products contain carefully selected and proven active ingredients of nature known for their healing properties.

Skin-friendly ingredients and the highest purity and quality standards ensure a gentle yet effective care.  The products of our Bio Kur series are available for the most demanding, dry, delicate and sensitive, blemished and oily skin and for combination skin.  Choose our individually tailored to your skin type facial care - so you can always, of course, feel beautiful in your skin.


  Natural - Organic

Hylunia (USA) was born out of a Father’s search for healthy and effective skin care for his child. As a young father, our founder searched for a safe skin care line for his infant daughter’s sensitive skin, without much success. Being a scientist himself, he decided to partner with an accomplished team of dermatologists, scientists and physicians to develop irritant-free skin care products that would use nature’s healing power to keep skin safe, soft and radiant. The result was the launch of the Hylunia line of natural and organic skin care products in 1988.


Phyto Sintesi Brand - ITALY - 30 years

Uses the most reliable and advanced technologies to offer a wide range of nature-based products for face and body for both salon and home use.  Phyto Sintesi is one of the leading producers of professional skincare products in Italy. 


Rose Skin Care Products (USA)

A leading clinical skin care and medical chemical peel manufacturer. All our clinical skin care products are parabens free. Our products contain such advanced peptides as Syn-Ake, Syn-Coll, Snap-8, Argireline and Preventhelia. We have a wide array of vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals in our products. Our latest retail products now contains orange and apple stem cell extracts as well as epidermal growth factor (EGF).  Ron Goorin started Rose Skin Care Products as a depilatory wax company in 1995. Because of the richness and quality of our body lotions, clients urged him to develop his own skin care products. After years of research and developments, Rose Skin care formulated these products with the latest technology and the most advanced ingredients like the new Syn®-Ake and Syn®-Coll peptides.  We are also offering a variety of chemical peels, enzymes as well as retail products.