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Rosagraf Skin Care - Germany - 80 Years


History of Rosa Graf Brand - Germany - 80 years

October 1st, 1926 was the birth of the cosmetics line of "ROSA GRAF". That day Paul Graf husband of Mrs. Rosa Graf founded a cosmetics laboratory so that he could produce skincare for his wife's care salon to the beauty-conscious ladies of Leipzig.  Initially only a few products were produced in the laboratory. Later on, this developed into a complete line of skincare and some make-up. In 1928, the laboratory started to supply other beauticians, first of all in the immediate area but later, up until the outbreak of the Second World War, the products were marketed throughout Germany under the trade names Bergilot, Elramo, Tonikumyn and, of course, Rosa Graf. During war production was drastically restricted because producing cosmetics was not considered as being particularly important. Mrs. Graf told me that it was incredibly difficult to purchase raw materials but production never came to a complete standstill. In 1943 the house in which the beauty salon and the cosmetics laboratory were located was completely destroyed and the business was closed.  After the end of the Second World War the couple moved to Brunswick and later to Hannover, Germany. They founded a beauty institute, a skincare school and a cosmetics laboratory. Mr. Graf died and Mrs. Rosa Graf continued to run the business on her own. In 1971 she sold the cosmetics laboratory to Laszlo Petre and Volker Heitland and, a short time later, she also handed over the institute and the school to us so that she could go into retirement.  As she told Laszlo Petre and myself, she was extremely proud that we made her name famous in the beauty industry throughout the world. Since 1971 Heitland & Petre International GmbH, together with our staff and our partners abroad, have supplied beauty institutes all over the world with ROSA GRAF products. During these years we have laid down milestones in the development of specialities and advanced skincare products. We influenced the action of moisturising creams, we were first in the world who reported on soluble collagen in skincare and developed Collastin®, we were the second in the world in the development of Repair Complex.