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Skin Types

- 70% water: containing mineral salts, sulphur, chlorine, copper, sodium, magnesium, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, calcium and iron. The skin contains 1/3 of all the body's sodium chloride. The percentage of water contained in the skin is higher in the deeper layers and the skin becomes more dry in the upper layers.
- 27% protein (protides) amino acids, tyrosine, proteins, keratin, collagen fibers, and elastin.
- 2% lipids: fatty acids, cholesterol (sterol), phospholipids, sphingolipids.
- 1% glucides (glucose)
- Enzymes (biocatalysts), vitamins and hormones


ÔĽŅNormal Skin (This type of skin rarely exist in adults, puberty changes that.)¬†Fresh, healthy glow, even colour, firm contours, silky, supple look, smooth texture, velevet¬†like appearance and feel, feels neither dry nor oily, pores very fine - almost invisible, blemish¬†free.neither too thin nor thick, with a radiant glow.

Combination Skin
Normal/Oily - Normal/Dry - Dry/Oily
More then half of us have this type of skin
Normal to dry on sides of face, forehead and throat sometimes around the nose!
Constant shine on center of forehead, around nose and chin
Blackheads and blemishes may appear on t-zone
Enlarged pores in t-zone area, medium to large pores in 1/3 of the face

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin may occur in any skin types and at any age
Reactive to many products
Florid/Pale colour, quickly irritated - blotchy red marks
Flushes easily, capillaries show through an almost transparent skin
Chaps easily during weather changes
Often sunburns painfully.
Pale and delicate complexion!!!

Oily Skin
Oily skin is usually found in the under 30's group - sometimes in pre-menopause due to hormones
Oily appearance all over the face, obvious shine even through make-up, enlarged pores in 1/2 to all the face, surface rough, thick, coarse texture, dull sallow look, frequent trouble with blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes, acne prone, make-up tends to crease can appear to be dehydrated so don't be misled by this if it has large pores and blackheads it's oily
Seborrheic Acne Skin: Extremely oily skin, saturated with a constant flow of oily secretion.
Characteristic: deep acneic bumps, many blackheads, and very large pores, excess build up
of dead skin cells, scaly skin.

ACNE SKIN present with some or all of the following: pimples, pustules, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts and nodules - regular breakouts occupying a large area of the face  see Acne blog

Rosacea/Couperose (broken capillaries) Erythrosis, Diffused Redness see Rosacea blog

Dry/Dehydrated Skin
Dry skin is generally fine textured, may have taut appearance and tight feeling! As a whitish floury flaky look to it, wrinkles can be seen at an early age, may be congested and appear flaky around nose, cheeks, forehead small pores but may have larger pores in nose area!
Dehydrated skin lacks moisture and not oil, if after washing it feels taut but by lunchtime is producing oil or an oil film forms on the skin then you have dehydrated skin.
Dry skin feels dry all the time and do not produce oil.  Fine lines form around eyes, mouth, between brows and on throat - Lacks fresh glowing Colour Dry feel and look - dehydrated into deeper layers - Surface may become rough and dry to the touch due to a buildup of dry skin cells

Dehydrated skin - Dehydration of the skin is related to cold or hot outdoor or indoor temperatures, wind, sun, air conditioner, heating it can also be caused by emotional feelings like anger, stress, illness, or any condition that affects the nervous system. Dryskin is cause by not having enough oils in the skin, and dehydrated skin is from not having enough water in the skin. Dr Renaud Hydrascience AHD3 or Prevention Collagene creams or Hydracomplexe Serum or Hydrascience, Collage Mask are beneficial .