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Laboratoire Dr Renaud AHA Serum ~ NEW LOOK

Laboratoire Dr Renaud AHA Serum ~ NEW LOOK - All Skin Types

$59.95 CAD

AHA Refining & Renewing Serum

Thanks to its highly-effective active ingredients, this “new skin” Serum refines and renews all skins. It gives back an all-new glow to dull complexions to unveil a flawless skin! It helps visibly improve the texture of skin, firmness, hydration, make pores appear smaller, reduce appearance of milia and blackheads and reduce the appearance of age spots, lightening, scars, acne discoloration, pregnancy pigmentation and so on.......  Fine lines and wrinkles will diminish making skin look an feel fresher and younger.

Also great for any skins who have many blackheads, large pores, white heads and prone to blemishes or acne.

Using a controlled, progressive release technology, the AHA work their way gently into the epidermis, thus ensuring an optimal and safe performance. Since every skin is unique and has its own needs, use according to your skin needs or your esthetician recommendation.

Hydroxy Amphoteric Complexes AHA-Arginine (Glycolic and Lactic Acids), Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Pentavitin®, Fucogel 1000

Morning and/or evening, after a thorough cleansing of the skin, apply a small quantity of the AHA Refining & Renewing Serum to the face and the neck. Massage in with light effleurages. Then apply the recommended Laboratoire Dr Renaud day or night cream.  

IF APPLYING IN MORNING Before any sun exposure, apply UV-Science SPF 30 to the entire face and neck. At first you may wish to use every other day and then gradually work up to using it once a day . ...... You may also just use it once daily at night if you wish, results will take a little longer in case of a treatment. May be used daily as an intense treatement or you may use as your gentle exfoliator 2-3 times weekly.
Or you may wish to do a treatment twice yearly (after the winter and after the summer) where you use product daily until it runs out .....

0% Paraben 0% Synthetic colorant 0% Synthetic Perfume 0% Mineral Oil

People over 70 years old should not use aha daily!
For some skins you may experience a sensation of warmth and a light tingling and/or the skin may show signs of sweating this is all quite normal and excessive skin flaking/peeling for the first little while may be experienced by some - this is normal too....  
Usage for the younger person or more sensitive/reactive skins should be every other night.

Frequency, are increased for those with more damaged skin, who need the treatment more, in this
case use product daily for 3-6 months (till results achieved) then cut back usage.