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Laboratoire Dr Renaud Color Glow

Laboratoire Dr Renaud ~ Color Glow - Dull Complexion, Uneven Complexion

$32.95 CAD

In the morning or before going out, after a thorough cleansing of the skin, press 2 or 3 pumps of your usual day cream in the palm of your hand. Add the equivalent of a rice grain of Colour Glow and mix the two textures thoroughly.   Apply to the face and the neck as with a cream.   The quantity of Colour Glow used will depend more or less on the skin tone and tan: one drop  for clear complexions, three drops for darker or tanned skin.  You may also add this to your body moisturiser.

Great to help camouflage skin pigmentation or uneven skin tone.  It does not contain any active ingredients to prevent from altering the effectiveness of the usual day cream. It is formulated wihout parabens, without perfume or mineral oil, and is also noncomedogenic

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