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Laboratoire Dr Renaud Dermazulene 24hr Cream - Dry and/or Sensitive

Laboratoire Dr Renaud Dermazulene 24hr Cream - Dry and/or Sensitive

$52.95 CAD

Dermazulene Cream 50ml

Nourishing-Smoothing-Moisturising-Softening-Replenishing-Hydrating-Soothing-Protect-Soothes irritation AND reduces superficial redness - Softens and supples the skin - Refreshes the skin after overexposure to the sun (face and body) -Restores Hydro-Balance immediately and lastingly - Without any perfume - fragrance free  

Beautiful silky texture, does not feel greasy

Gentle, simple with many benefits!  Can be used as a day and/or night cream

For Very dry, Dry, Sensitive and extremely Sensitive skins, Blotchy (red), Couperose and excellent for Psoriasis/Eczema/Rosacea.  An extremely soothing and gentle cream that alleviates cutaneous irritation, reduces superficial redness, super hydrating, softening with anti-inflammatory properties.

Major Active Ingredients: Soya Sterols (antioxidant, nourishing, healing, smoothing, brightening, toning), Azulene (active principle of Camomile - a powerful healer that is extremely soothing to the skin) and Safflower Oil (One of the most useful oils in cosmetics, obtained from the safflower seeds, helps retain moisture, help maintain elasticity, prevent cell damage, helps with scaly skin, High in Vitamin E

The cream is Blue in Color due to the azulene.   

Azulene: Soothing acting principle of German Camomile,A Botanical that acts as an Antioxidant, Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory that calms the skin.  

This cream is also recommended after sun exposure  and a choice product for baby's care