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Laboratoire Dr Renaud Excellience Day Youth Enhancer - Riche

Laboratoire Dr Renaud Excellience Day Youth Enhancer Riche - Wrinkles, Lack of Firmness

$67.95 CAD

ExCellience Youth Enhancer - Day - A favorite

Riche -  (Normal-Dry, Dry and Very Dry skins)

Now with Phytocell Malus Domestica AND Peptides - REGENERATE AND REPAIR

0% Parabens 0% Colorants 0% Perfume 0% Mineral Oil

These 2 highly-innovative creams combine the best of biotechnology and of the plant kingdom to fight the source of skin ageing by targeting the tissues right at the heart of the wrinkle.  It re-creates an optimal environment to preserve the skin’s stem cells’ regenerating and repair potential and favours cellular repopulating in the hollow of the wrinkle. The production of the essential elements of the dermis and the epidermis is then assured.  The results: the skin is smoothed and quickly recovers elasticity and tonicity. Wrinkles are substantially decreased day after day!

The EXCELLIENCE Youth Enhancers - Day were specifically developed:
To fight the effects of time: mainly wrinkles, cutaneous sagging and dull complexion.
To prevent premature ageing signs.
To preserve cells’ “youth capital”.

For all, men and women, all skin types, including sensitive skin.  Phytocell Malus Domestica favours cellular repopulating in the hollow of the wrinkle, leading to its disappearance and allows to protect epidermal adult stem cells in their micro-environment keeping them away from any stress stimulating their differentiation.

GRAPE SEED OIL Regenerating and restructuring POMEGRANATE OIL Anti-inflammatory and free radical captor ARGAN OIL Anti-ageing biological oil SHEA BUTTER Nourishing and emollient WILD MANGO BUTTER Re-lipidating and softening OLIVEM® 1000 – LIQUID CRYSTALS vegetal emulsifier – liquid crystals promoter Phytocell Malus Domestica Matrixill 3000 PEPTIDE- Antiwrinkle - Promote Collagen Production VENUCEANE-Biological Protector EUROL® BT Free radical captor VEGETAL HYDRATING MICROPATCH® Water reservoirs PENTAVITIN® Water captor