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Laboratoire Dr Renaud Hydrascience AHD3 Emulsion ~ Hydrascience Light

Laboratoire Dr Renaud Hydrascience AHD3 Emulsion Hydrascience Light Mixed/Oily/Dehydrated Skins

$67.95 CAD


LIGHT:   FOR DEHYDRATED MIXED TO OILY SKINS including sensitive skins!

Balance - Rehydrate and Repair

An ultra-light, fresh, non-sticky emulgel formulated for combination and oily skin. This treatment cream acts right at the heart of cells to re-activate the natural hydrating mechanisms that allow the skin to self-hydrate and keep the skin well balanced.  Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced - with time, the skin becomes more resistant to environmental stress - deeply hydrated and revitalized it feels extremely soft with a great sensation of well-being!

Can be used as a day and/or night cream!
A spectacular breakthrough in skin hydration - right at the heart of cells OWING to the AHD3 complex this 24 hour treatment cream acts right at the heart of cells to re-energize the natural hydrating mechanisms which allow the skin to self-hydrate thus keeping the skin well balanced.  Exceptional hydrating, protective and softening properties are added to this supercharged Complex of Ceramides, Rhamnosoft HP (Inflammation softening polysaccharide, specially suited for use to reverse damaged skin), P.A. Reviviscence (natural protection for the skin against environmental stressors) for a deep and long lasting hydration. Lecithin helps lock in moisture and restores suppleness.

The purpose of hydrascience  cream is to balance, repair and rehydrate  the skin once this is acheived you may want to alternate with other creams and use hydrascience as needed....Amazing Texture! Nice Smell! It is recommended to go through 2 jars of this cream to acheive maximum results...   

Main ingredients :  Viola tricolor Extract (Wild Pansy) purifying, anti-inflammatory,antioxidant, healing, rejuvenating, soothing and nourishing.  Indica Seed Polysaccharide; a natural film forming polysaccharide, that hasmoisturizing effectiveness equal to Hyaluronic Acid, stimulates skin repair, and protects against environmental damage and premature ageing.  Its ultra-light melting and  non-sticky texture with a  fresh aroma....From the very first day the skin surface is visibly younger looking - the skin is instantly plumped, hollow areas (wrinkles) are filled out and features are smoothed.  With time the skin becomes stronger less reactive with an increased resistance to environmental and climatic stresses...

I have seen great results with this cream for skins that are sensitive and with diffused redness.