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Laboratoire Dr Renaud Satinage Scrub

Laboratoire Dr Renaud Satinage Scrub

$43.95 CAD

Satinage Gentle Scrub - MicroDermabrasion 

For all skin types
Eliminates dead cells and impurities, leaves the skin exceedingly silky and re-texturized, smoothes away wrinkles and fine lines, softens the epidermis, tightens pores, reveals the complexion’s glow.  New formulation which is lightly foaming and very easy to rinse off – it doesn’t leave any oily residues or particles after rinsing… a super product!

You will notice that we have kept the 3-sphere principle inspired by microdermabrasion, but the silica spheres have been replaced with jojoba spheres. We have also added the Caper Bud Extract, that you already know, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory active and orange extracts. So, it’s an all-new, highly-performing, non-aggressive formulation for easier use and impeccable rinsing. A zesty and invigorating scent.  Try it now! You will love it !  For sensitive or thin skins add to your cleanser to give it a rich creamy texture for a gentle scrub or just apply to your skin like a mask and leave on for 5-10 minutes dont rub then remove with warm cloth.

Caper Flower Bud Extract, Gentle Cleansing Agent, Jojoba Spheres, Bamboo Spheres, Diatomaceous Spheres, Orange Extract
Use Once weekly
Wet fingertips apply the product by massaging gently in circular motions for about 1 minute, sensitive or thin skins about 30 seconds.  Oilier skins may use it 2 times weekly