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Phyto Sintesi Vita Pelle Cleansing Milk

Phyto Sintesi Cleansing Vita Pelle Cleansing Milk

$45.00 CAD


Affordable Luxury - The rich, velvety Phyto Sintesi Vita Pelle Cleansing Milk is exactly the pampering your client’s thirsty skin craves.  Hyaluronic Acid delivers impressive hydration because of its ability to retain and restore moisture. And, as a result, the skin appears more toned and looks smooth and radiant!  Suitable for Every Skin Type.  All can benefit from using the Phyto Sintesi Vita Pelle Cleansing Milk with Hyaluronic Acid because it’s suitable for any skin type.

Have clients who are struggling with dry complexions? Recommend this! It won’t leave skin feeling tight and dehydrated.  

For mature clients, this is also a great product because, due the Hyaluronic Acid, they’ll enjoy anti-aging and moisturizing benefits!

Effective Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber Extract