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Phyts ActivPeel Exfoliator Gel - All Skin Types

Phyts ActivPeel Exfoliator Gel - All Skin Types

$45.00 CAD

Activ’Peel - All skin types  40g  - Scrub grains

This exfoliating Gel cleans the skin from impurities. The skin is smooth, fresh and radiant.

Bamboo extract*, Geranium*, Citrus*

Once or twice a week, apply on damp skin. Exfoliate gently in circular movements. Insist on the T-zone and Rinse. Or you may apply to skin like a mask and leave for around 5 minutes then remove with warm wash cloth for sensitive skins or apply a dab to your cleanser and gently move your fingers/palm of hand in circular movements to gently exfoliate.