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Phyts Makeup - Concealers - Anti Cernes & Anti-Redness

Phyts Makeup - Concealer - Anti Cernes - Dark Circles ~ A favorite

$28.00 CAD

Concealer - Anti Cernes  6g 
All Skin Types and Colors - Against Dark Circles and Imperfections ~ A little goes a long way.

Brightens your eyes and hides dark circles thanks to its natural active ingredients with concealing properties. The 
dark circles are instantly covered and the signs of tiredness reduced. Eye contours are tonified !

Gently pat a very small amount of product on under-eye rings before applying your tinted moisturiser or 
Eucalyptus hydrolate*, Horse Chestnut tincture*, Argan oil*, >Natural Vitamin E, Palmarosa*, Ylang-Ylang*