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Phyts Eye Mask

Phyts Eye Mask - New Price - Refreshing - Smoothing - Firming - Toning

$43.00 CAD

Masque Rafraîchissant 20g
Eyes refreshing mask - Smoothing and Toning

A refreshing, smoothing, relaxing, moisturising and toning/firming mask for eye contour with a combination of Phyto-Actif Regard complex, Organic Aloe Vera and Potassium. For smoother skin and bright looking eyes.  Works like eye patches same kind of benefits/treatment.  Also a favorite Aromalliance Fluide Contour Eye and Lip.

Potassium (encourages the formation of new cells, keep skin hydrated and more elastic), Aloe Vera* (antiaging - reduce/prevent fine lines and wrinkles, help maintain collagen of the skin, help restore the suppleness of the skin, a good moisturizer, soothing, refreshing, reduce puffiness) Phyto-Actif Regard complex (help fade dark circles, reduce bags, eye contour area looks fresher, eye contour area is smoother, eye contour area is decongested) 

1-2 times a week apply a thin layer of Eyes Refreshing Mask all over eye contour. Leave on 10-15 minutes and gently wipe off with moist cotton pad.  You may also apply Eyes Smoothing Serum under eye mask.