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Phyts Gold Eyeshadow Loose powder - Pépites d'or

Phyts Gold Eyeshadow Loose powder - Pépites d'or

$20.00 CAD

Let colors seduce you ! Let your eyes become precious and glittering jewels ! Ultra-light powders with concentrate of shimmery and light reflecting nacres covering your eyelids with a sparkling diadem under a myriad of glitters.

Using the Pinceau Eye Shadow brush, apply the darkest shade along the upper and lower lash lines and along the crease to give your eyes a smoky look. Layer the lighter shades over your eyelid, pulling out towards your temples. To brighten your eyes, apply a pearly, light shade in the inside corner of your eyes and just under your brow bone. For more intense colour and maximum hold, apply a little Sublimateur under your eye shadow.

Pigments of mineral extraction, Pearly particles of mineral extraction, Mica, Magnesium Myristate, Corn starch*