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Phyts Makeup - Compact Powder Satin Beige

Phyts Makeup - Compact Powder Satin Beige

$50.00 CAD

Compact Powder Satin Beige 15g

A melting powder will unify and give your skin a matte finish without plaster or overload effect. Its pigments and minerals will leave your skin with a light beige veil for an ultra natural looking coverage.  This smooth formula provides shine control and blends to absorb excess oil and maintain a fresh looking skin all day.  Best for combination or oily skin but good for everyone during the summer months.

Mineral pigments, Nacres of mineral, Rice Powder * Talc of mineral, corn starch *, palm oil *, vegetable squalane

Apply on the entire face and neck a veil of powder with the Kabuki Brush to give your skin a natural glow and a delicate powder finish.