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Phyts Makeup - Eyeshadows

Phyts Makeup - Eyeshadows - Nice product

$30.00 CAD

Eye Shadows - Nice product

2.5 ml, For irresistible eyes, play with color, 100% of natural origin. Iridescent, pearly, glittery, shimmery... Find the one that best suits your beauty on this palette of bright hues... Match them up according to your mood and modulate your makeup as often as you like it. Their soft and light formula ensures perfect harmony with your eyelid.

Pigments of mineral extraction, Pearly particles of mineral extraction, Talc of mineral extraction, Tapioca starch*

Using the Pinceau Eye Shadow brush, apply the darkest shade along the upper and lower lash lines and along the crease to give your eyes a smoky look. Layer the lighter shades over your eyelid, pulling out towards your temples. To brighten your eyes, apply a pearly, light shade in the inside corner of your eyes and just under your brow bone.