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Phyts Reviderm Creme

Phyts Reviderm Creme ~ New Formulation

$82.00 CAD

Creme Reviderm  40G   - For all skin types - Very nice product - Lighter smell then previous formula. 

New Formula Ingredients:

-AloeVera: Moisturizer
-Shea Butter and Sunflower Oils, Hazelnut and Avocado: Maintain the hydration of the skin.
-Rosemary Extract : Stimulating and regenerating
-Chlorophyll: Speeds oxygenation and regeneration - tones the skin
-Pepper Seed Extract Rose: Activate Cutaneous Microcirculation -Algae Extract : Increases cellular oxygenation and ATP synthesis -Acerola : Helps eliminate toxins to revive the complexion -Vitamin E: Antioxidant and anti-aging

Old formulation:  Geranium*, Cypress*, Plant-based Chlorophyll, Wheatgerm, Hazelnut*, Sunflower*, Thyme*

Due to Chlorophyll this cream Energize - Revitalize - Invigorate

Thanks to the oxygenating and revitalizing properties of chlorophyll, CRÈME REVIDERM balances, regenerates, nourishes the skin and unifies dull complexions.  Targets the first signs of ageing, also great for dull skins. 

After cleansing skin, apply Crème Reviderm all over face, neck, eyes and lips contour

Use Day and Night

Tip:   Warm up the cream on your fingertips by rubbing fingertips together before applying your cream.