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Phyts Toni-Jambes - Light Legs Gel

Phyts Toni-Jambes - Light Legs Gel

$83.00 CAD

Toni-Jambes Light Legs Gel - Tube 200g - Decongest - Soothing - Tone

Light and toning leg care. 
The freshness of Toni-Jambes soothes legs. Its decongestant active ingredients have a toning action for lighter legs.

Red Vine*, Blackcurrant*, Cypress*, Lavander*, Sage*, Menthol*, Tarragon

Red Vine: Protects and feeds the walls of vessels and capillaries
Cypress: decongestant venous and lymphatic
Sage: lipolytic, tonic
Tarragon: activates the functioning of the blood vessels and the respiration of the cells
Mint: stimulates, refreshes, tones

Morning and evening, massage your legs from the ankles upwards with Toni-Jambes. Perhaps applied during the day on tights.