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Laboratoire Dr Renaud Pure Kronoxyl-➈ Lips & Contour

Laboratoire Dr Renaud Pure Kronoxyl-➈ Lips & Contour

$51.95 CAD

Pure Kronoxyl-➈ Lips & Contour

A true protecting, repair and anti-ageing treatment. It not only reduces ageing signs, but it also repairs the most damaged lips and protects them against the harmful effects of the environment and the climate.

  • anti-wrinkle, re-defining and smoothing action of the lip contour   

  • plumping action on lips  

  • repair and protecting action

  • preventive anti-ageing action
Directions for use

The success of the Pure Anti-Ageing Lips & Contour home treatment lies on the regular twice-a-day use of the product as a cure, for approximately 30 days. Morning and evening, apply one drop (1 pump) of the product to the lips and lip contour. Massage in gently in circular motions. Wait a few minutes before applying lipstick.