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Rosagraf Baobab Fleece Mask - All Skin Types  - 1 mask

Rosagraf Baobab Fleece Mask - All Skin Types - 1 mask

$23.00 CAD

For Sale in Canada Only - Please do not order if you live outside Canada
Rosagraf Baobab Fleece Mask - All Skin Types
  • Rejuvenating and exfoliating pre-treatment mask that facilitates the delivery of actives 
  • Delivers gentle exfoliating benefits and natural antioxidant protection through its Baobab Extract-infused formula
  • Fit of mask allows for better absorption allowing skin to receive the maximum benefits
  • Expertly designed to visibly smooth, brighten and invigorate while pampering skin
Key Ingredients:
  • Baobab Fruit Extract (antioxidant, natural fruit acids content)
Directions: Cover the eyes with moistened cotton pads. Remove the mask carefully from the package and apply onto the face. Gently press the mask onto the face using damp fingers until a secure fit is achieved. After 15 minutes, remove and wash the face.
Note: Due to the natural fruit acid content, you may feel a slight tingling sensation.