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Phyts Tinted Creams - Creme Brightening/Illuminating - Crème éclat lumière

Phyts Tinted Creams - Creme Brightening/Illuminating - Crème éclat lumière 40g ~ New For All Skin Tones

$53.00 CAD

A cream that suits fair as well as dark skins and all skin types. Illuminates the complexion and naturally blurs imperfections. Gives your skin an instant healthy glow. Your complexion is radiant !  Anti-oxidant cream that provides hydration of your skin throughout the day.  The quantity of creme brightening/illuminating used will depend more or less on the skin tone and tan you wish to acheive: one grain size  for clear complexions, 2-3 grains for darker or tanned skin.  You may also add this to your body moisturiser.

Cornflower hydrolate*, Jojoba, Shea butter*, Palmarosa*, Niaouli*, Natural Vitamin 

-Shea Butter BIO: moisturizing and protective.
-Jojoba Oil BIO: * moisturizing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory.
-Beeswax:. Protective and restorative
-Natural Vitamin E: anti-aging and radiance of Action skin.
-Hydrolat Cornflower: soothing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating.
-White Clay: cleansing, toning, softening, réoxygénante, restores luminosity to the skin.

For naturally enhanced beauty, apply over the whole face as well as the neck over your favorite cream.  Tinted Creams are not to be applied alone always over your favorite moisturiser or day product. - Linda, Esthetician.

Extra Tip:  Press a small amount  of your usual day cream in the palm of your hand. Add the equivalent of a rice grain less or more depending on your skin needs and mix the two textures thoroughly.   Apply to the face and the neck as with a cream.   

Great to help camouflage skin pigmentation or uneven skin tone.